The American Hairless Terrier is an uncommon breed that was derived from the Rat Terrier, in 1982. They are very intelligent, social, and comical breed. If socialized, and raised with manners, these dogs are wonderful with children. They are smart and learn quickly. 

The American Hairless Terrier can be a great dog for people who are allergic to fur, or have asthma. Due to their hairless nature, they do not require grooming nor do they get fleas. Yet, because they are hairless they do require some other care. In the summer months, they would need protection from the sun. The darker skin tones will tan faster and can handle the sun more, but the lighter ones are just like fair skinned people and tend to burn easily. It is advised to put sunscreen on them, or some summer clothes. In the winter months, they would need clothing from the cold. They can also get dry skin, so I like to rub coconut oil over them after a bath. 

Height: 7-18 inches (18–45.7 cm.) 
Life Span: 14–16 years. 

Weight: 7-25 pounds (2.5–12 kg.) 
Skin Color: White (to varying degrees) with a variety of colors including black, blue, pink, brown, tan, and sable. Skin color darkens with sun 
Eye Color: Brown, blue, grey, amber and turquoise 
Pattern: near-solid (with some white), brindled, spotted (piebald) and saddled 
Tail/Ears: Tails must be left long on the hairless variety.